Saturday, June 25, 2011

Elemental Dolls

These are some of the dolls I've been designing and making. This started with some of my friends complaining that there is a distinct lack of good Pagan oriented crafts out there, so I decided to change that! I've started with the 5 elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.
 Terra, the element of Earth.
 Aure, the element of Air.
 Vanhi, the element of Fire.
 Aquaria, the element of Water.
Akasha, the element of Spirit.
Each doll stands about 9" tall, and they also stand on their own with a little coaxing. I'm thinking about selling them, but I'm not positive on that as of right this second.
These dolls are just the beginning. I plan on making much, much more because I'm so full of ideas and they are just screaming to get out!


  1. I love these so much! I've been working on Goddess dolls to sell at my up coming Pagan Unity Day celebration, and these have given me an idea of something else to try my hand at. If you don't want to sell them, you may want to write up a pattern and offer that for sale. I'd buy it.

    Quick question, how did you get them to stand?

  2. Thanks for the compliment, I really appreciate the feedback! I'm in the process of cleaning up my pattern notes in case I do decide to offer the patterns for sale. I am also working out the details for male versions of the elements.

    I tend to stuff the legs pretty firmly so all it takes is a little positioning to get them to stand up.

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  4. Hi, I love these!! I'm a crocheting Pagan :)
    Are you selling the patterns? I would definately buy one x
    If interested Im on facebook as 'shadowarmstrong' Thanks

    1. I love your username! Fraggles are awesome :)
      I'm not selling the pattern right now because it's still a bundle of notes, but I'm working on getting it cleaned up and organized for normal human consumption. When I get my store on Zibbet up and running, I'll definitely make a post on here about it.

  5. Merry meet Vaydria! I found your elemental dolls on Pinterest and I just love them; they are so ADORABLE!!! It's been a while since you posted and I was wondering if you have the patterns up for sale yet? If not, have you considered using Ravelry for selling your patterns? Please let me know as I am interested in all 4 of your patterns! Blessed be!